Who from EA can players talk with regarding a routing problem in their servers?

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I'm a paying customer and I need to play this game the way I am intended to, it's unplayable right now with 120ms latency because EA is routing my country (Bolivia) to Argentinian servers which give me that latency, only because those servers are geographically closer to my country while Brazil's and Chile's (90ms and 40ms respectively) give me a much better latency and an actually playable experience. I feel incredibly frustrated and so do people from almost 10 countries in South America being routed now with awful latencies to Argentina instead of Brazil and Chile, and the worst thing of all is that I'm trying to contact anyone from EA who I can tell about what is happening AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, NOT A SINGLE FREAKING COMMUNITY MANAGER I CAN TALK WITH. God I'm about to explode.


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    You can either use ea answers or contact support. You can get there by clicking on technical issues and bugs when looking at discussions here if you need the link.
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