Best way to crash and burn?

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My FUT year unofficially ended a month ago, but I keep popping in here every once in a while to see in what way EA is screwing the community. The results from my Birthday packs the last few times has now solidified I am done with '21. I currently have a club full of untradeables +NIF Messi and 1.2M in coins and 90 gold players in my transfer pile. What is the best way to move on from this year? Promo packs for the B-day players or PIM? Build the best team with what I have and coins? Just walk away? How do you clean up your club for the year?


  • grabberpresident
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    What's the point?
  • MrMTFC
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    I normally just leave it and move on, but that's bc it's generally like a month til the new ones out. If you decide to play again then you'll regret wasting all your coins and players. If you're set on quitting all together (I've seen so many say it then still be back so be sure) sell everything then buy random players on the market at full market value (like common golds for 10k) to help some random ppl.

    If you think you may be back then could sell your players and save your coins then, can buy back if you return or do what I said about gold commons if you do decide your time is up
  • nsholmberg11
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    I normally sell everything of value. Then put all the coins into packs (promos if you can) and see what I get. Last year I cashed in on like 1mil coins and got maybe 200-300k in players back. Nobody fun, no icons or super good cards. Walked away after that
  • Thuq
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    You basically want to stop playing but you just cant?

    Professional help is what i'd seek.
  • Mr. Soper
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    Sell everything now that you can. Then open packs during tots and maybe make a team to play the occasional game in the summer.
  • Gazmac_868
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    Delete your club 3 times that's how you wrap it up bro.
  • VybzLartel
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    People really take this game seriously don't they...
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