Should this be offside?

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First time posting a link so apologies if I’ve not done this properly.

Should this not be offside? Or is it because the player receiving the ball is behind the player passing?


  • Stewlfc6
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  • Koning Spijker
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    Doesn't really matter. Strange things happen, even in eChampions finals
  • sparky692005
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    It’s not offside, as receiving player being the ball
  • juliuscaesar8
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    No, because when the ball is kicked the receiving player is behind the ball
  • Hammer87
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    Thanks! Goal didn’t really mean anything was just curious
  • JustusX
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    Offsides are a bit off sometimes. I have had offsides against me when the ball clearly came off the opponent and scored some goals that have been offside for sure.

    Need a bit of VAR!
  • OllieS
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    Not offside if receiving player is behind the ball when the ball is played to them. The direction that the ball is passed is irrelevant in the situation you showed us, because the receiving player was behind the passing player when the pass was made.
  • Ballerson
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    How long have ea had to ensure the basic laws of the game are followed? Years. It shouldn’t be too difficult to program offsides, so ea is either programming this call intentionally wrong or they are inept.

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