Rabiot as a CM?

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Hi all,
I'm considering getting Rabiot (should have done it earlier maybe), but he seems a better CDM than CM, and I find him expensive.

I kinda like him and he would provide good links to my Moments Dybala and also help with Benzema chem. but I already have Zakaria 86 (that I need to link to what IF Mbabu, both stay in my team) and 87 CDM Guimares, that I link with Marcelo what If but could consider to lose if needed.

I play mostly 4-3-1-2 in Div 6, or could be sometimes 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-2-2-2 (where I would need to play Rbiot CAM, doesn't seem great). Link to my team https://www.futbin.com/21/squad-builder/4691805


  • Razovar
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    I’ll be honest with you mate. I did him and put him into the Machis SBC after about 25 games. His acceleration is bad, and he just wonders around in midfield. RB Nainggolan is miles better.
  • greif44
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    Haven't used him, but from his stats I can conclude that his best use is as defensive-minded mid that can provide physical presence. I'm a fan of Juve and skipping this one, too expensive for what he offers.
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