In need of top tier icon sbc's..

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FUTBDAY!!!! Its here so are we now goin to start seeing these bein filtered through?

I'm thinking garrincha, prime Ronaldinho, maybe a prime r9...these could be expencive an may take some time to work towards, i feel its the time for these to start dropping please..


  • Gazmac_868
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    Wouldn't get your hope's up mate.
  • Boysie91
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    Won't see players like Ronaldinho until TOTS
  • Retropoe82
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    Feel it needs it tho, something to aim for an work towards like the old days.
  • Andyh60
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    Yes was all but 2 years ago to the day when top primes came out and yes took 2 months to actually then get prime R9. so pointless waiting until like end of may to then only get to use them from July.
  • rnmays1
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    By 12th April in fut 19 every icon had been released via sbc but for some reason now we're only getting 3 every 2/3 weeks. So frustrating
  • Recoba10
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    All I want is Ronaldinho or Zizou
  • Denz
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    Retropoe82 wrote: »
    Feel it needs it tho, something to aim for an work towards like the old days.

    Can but dream.
  • DannySTFC
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    edited March 26
    Top tier are out of the question, just look at what they’ve added so far, it’s too early.

    I’m not even asking for top tier. I’d quite happily take something like a prime Best, any version of Cantona, any version of Garrincha.

    Unfortunately EA are now releasing average/decent PIM rather then good mids/primes which would be more usable.
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