Fastest way to complete Silver Sensations Milestone objective

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Play on beginner Friendlies - Couch Play

Score a goal and go do work or whatever. Come back at half time to continue game.

Rinse and repeat.

Is there another better way to do this objective?

Want that pack for this Friday. about 50 away


  • Al_HFX
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    edited March 2021
    Squad Battles beginner, you also get SB rewards.
    Or play in the silver lounge, maybe you'll get rage quits.
  • All4fun1991
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    A lot of silver lounge friendlies, people just quit..,done my one that way.
  • FifaProDK
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    Use a 2nd console
  • Bob_Bobson
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    Silver lounge and full try hard is the quickest way. You won't be popular though.
  • sparky692005
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    If you have a friend, play a friendly, load in score a goal, your friend quits. Simple. I done the retro kits like that and the milestone silver challenge in one go yesterday. I was only about 10-15 from completing it
  • Pieman25
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    Did mine during TOTY in the silver lounge
  • Double_D
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    I still need like 100 games. I pretty much register 3-4 silver lounge games per week and Then the 5 for silver beasts if that is available.
  • clsMUFC
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    Silver Lounge with What IF Weah and IF Singh, score 1 and they quit job done
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