Mid puskas vs mid eto'o

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Puskas has better passing and dribbling but poorer aggression and only 3* WF. Eto'o has 4* WF, better aggression but worse passing and dribbling. Both are 1.8 million coins.

Is it a much of a muchness? The other option is prime Torres at only 1.3 million.

Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks in advance 🙂


  • HyperOCD
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    Imo eto is way better
    Mid is one of the best in game
  • Gibiati
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    Eto's left stick dribbling feels kind of meh but besides that he is fantastic and clinical.

    Puskas is one of the best left stick dribblers in game but he executes skill moves very poorly with his weird frame.

    As finishers, Puskas' left foot is the most clinical foot in the game next to Messi's left foot. But 3* weakfoot is an absolutely devestating handicap for him and no matter what fans of his card says (I am one of them), you WILL notice the weakfoot, and it will anger you often. Nothing worse than creating wide open chances with dribbles and then having the cross-goal shot miss by miles or get effortlessly saved by the goalie because Puskas is just so bad on his right foot.

    Eto's weakfoot is much better. Executes skill moves far better.

    I would say unless you're a complete anti-skiller who just never uses right stick and is constantly trying to make magic happen with the left stick, use Eto. But if you're that type of guy, and its okay to be that type of guy, we're out there, then Puskas will do better for you
  • RedPlanet1986
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    Wow, thanks for the detailed response Gibiati, really appreciate it! I'm a complete anti skiller purely because I'm generally rubbish at this game (1250 skill rating 😅). Might try puskas based on that.
  • Gibiati
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    Anti-skiller here too brother, we making it work the best we can :lol: and I've taken it all the way to 1900-2100 so trust me you can make it work!

    Puskas is so responsive and easy to maneuver with the left stick, I think you'll find him a ton of fun
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