Saving up all those wee irish fellas was not such a good idea

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Stuck with loads of cheap Irish players now 🍀
Was hoping for a St Patricks day SBC at least.

The decline in content is disgusting


  • Queens11
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    edited March 2021
    Do people not learn 🤔 though ea are not gonna give anyone the chance of making easy coins anymore

    Especially not the ones we're there 20 threads on an open ea forum talking about it
    time and time again ea screw investments over only for the the next big thing investment thread to pop up and ea do it again lol
    What do people expect
  • MrMTFC
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    You know there's a st Patrick's day milestone objective in the milestones section
  • RadioShaq
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    At one point I hoped they did away with all st Patrick’s content just because it became more about trading than playing and enjoying it.
  • TheonlywayisS6
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    Saw a post earlier that people were buying Shamrock Rovers players because there was an SBC with them last year. So I took the chance that EA wouldn't bother this year and it paid off with 5 bronze players from my club selling for around 2k each. Not a huge sum but satisfying.
  • Gainzy
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    Sold up at lunchtime from storing it all year for today. Cheers for the 200k Irish silver and bronze fans 🤣
  • Sterve
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    There’s an sbc now. Wont push things up much though I think
  • David12344
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    Sold to early bro. You can at least get some back
  • Diddymow
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    Managed to work 4 Irish players into my Prem team for MM
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