Pastore or Benedetto

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Only 9 days left in the seaon, i don't think I can manage to finish both of them.
Which one is better if i have to choose only one to finish?


  • NucksNation
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    Benedetto has 5* wf but 3* skill. He does look like a decent CAM compare to pastore.. pastore has 4*4* which makes it well balanced.. I would rather have 5* wf tho.. only downs side would be his passing.. but game doesn’t allow you to pass to your own player anyways so that’s out
  • oneskyworld
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    I guess I'll go with Pastore, neither will be in my team, probably just go with the higher rating one
  • ozcs_69
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    go for higher rated one, they both are fodder
  • clsMUFC
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    edited March 2021
    I use Benedetto as a sub and really like the card, scored 11 in 11 from the bench
  • Breaker1987
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    I've got Pastore. He's playing as LCM in my Serie A squad. He's doing very well... Sold my HL Mkhitaryan for him.
  • Air Diddy
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    I only just finished Neves going to try and get both the other two done at the risk of my sanity

    Just purely for high rated SBC fodder purposes
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