Ramos TOTY as CDM?

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Looks like he'd be awesome there. Anyone switch him mid-game? How would people rate him there vs. a Keane, Rijkard, Europa Sissoko, even Gerrard? I know Gerrard will have better shooting.


  • David12344
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    Carefull. Apparently people don’t like you using players in different positions it’s frowned apon. But to the answer to your question. I’ve tried him there and was very good. He has a very good body type. Strong in the tackle and good passing. Although he can bomb forward and leave you open.
  • DanishDynamiteUS
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    Ramos is great there, especially his passing.

    He’s not as quick and agile like Kante or Essien, but I played him there for quite a while.

    His value in defense for me is higher though, brick wall there!
  • BaseCamp
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    Should be fine their. Ive used toty vvd at cdm a few times and he did fine. Ramos is better suited for that role too.
  • MarketBanned
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    Just pay the extra for PIM Makelele
  • garmak
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    Thanks for the feedback. Will buy and give him a shot. One of my favorite players.
  • garmak
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    Just pay the extra for PIM Makelele

    Might pair those up.
  • xCDHx
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    Get TOTY Alphonso Davies and play him CDM instead
  • WomboCombo
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    xCDHx wrote: »
    Get TOTY Alphonso Davies and play him CDM instead

    nah thats a waste of TOTY Davies

    TOTY Davies + Deadeye (or finisher or Marksman, your pick) is the best Wing or CAM in the game, and yes you're right he's the best CDM in the game also, and really best CB, and LB/RB in the game also, but IMO you should always put a player in an attacking position if he is one of the best attackers.

    TOTY Davies has scored 89 goals and assisted 45 for me in 115 games and this is with a stacked 40m+ team with many others out there to take shots. If I wanted to feature him as an attacker I would easily score 2 goals per game with him. He is absolute insanity around the box, dribbles like he's in a phone booth with ridiculous speed.

    CDM's shoot so rarely and when they do its usually just a rebound from a corner kick or something so they don't need insane dribbles. Better to just use Matthaus or Kante or Makelele there and keep Davies more forward. Try it out!

    Big shame that you can't just play 10 TOTY Davies on a squad lol. I would play him at every single position except ST would be TOTY Mbappe lol. TOTY Davies will go down in FUT history as the best fullback ever in this game
  • garmak
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    Good info. Thanks. Lots to consider.
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