Follow on from my EA help thread!

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Hi guys.

I made a thread about 6 weeks ago about me being hacked, stupidly!

The hacker deleted my team and Ea help managed to restore my team (instantly) and my coin balance (a few days later).

Well 3 days after this I got server banned. I couldn’t log into fifa online.

I again went to help, explained what had happened and the advisor told me his “team” where looking at it. I know most people who get banned for breaking T&C never get there account back so I didn’t hold out much hope.

Well today when I checked my cases, it said fixed. Right enough, when I logged onto fifa I got signed in.

Credit where credit is due. Ea where absolutely brilliant in helping me.


  • MrMagikarp
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    Glad you got it sorted buddy.
  • colm96
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    Glad you were able to get sorted. And nice to know the customer care aspect of EA is still functioning.
  • Cosmic99
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    You are lucky, because my ps5 was unlinked from the origin account I've lost everything and no one will help restore it
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