Cheap gold meta outperforms my multi M dollar team

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Sick of losing to all golds in rivals so thought I would try it.
Put together a 77 rated team, (5 low rated bronzes on bench)

Pope Mendy Varane Gomez Semedo, Sissoko Kante Traore Deli Alli and Rodrigo up top

My gameplay in rivals just seems so much smoother, and have scored at least Four goals in each of my last Five matches. My previous team had Two TOTYs multiple icons and was rated 89 yet it struggled to get good gameplay and results were worse than with this new cheap meta team.

At least now I am not receiving nasty messages about my daddies credit card, and am no longer being told how useless I am for being in Div 4 with a supposed godsquad (not spent a penny on packs)

Instead they are sloping off defeated by a team rated far below their own.

Will it last?


  • IraqBruin
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    No, it will not, that is why I am in a perpetual phase of deleting my squad and remaking it since I have template for instructions that I fill in with players then edit based on what I want from each player if it is different from the general plan I normally have.

    I personally think that most special cards are not well programmed and they do not behave like equally/closely rated golds, I also happen to think having a lesser team gives you subconscious feeling of potential vulnerability of your team, it helps you focus. I lose less spectacularly with silver team against smoking rated teams.

    In fact, it took two Neymar ghosting goals through a tackling defender (you know the one who does not exist) twice to lose 4-2 against someone who had special Neymar Card, Mbappe, CR7, Cruijff and one of the upgraded versions of Kante, I had it 2-2 up to that point.

    In other words, have special "Special players" cards alongside golds.
  • lippyone
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    IraqBruin wrote: »
    In other words, have special "Special players" cards alongside golds.

    Coming to realise I have wasted my time building a multi million dollar squad. I get what you saying about using the higher rated versions of the NIF meta golds, but tbh the originals seem fine, and I can't shake the feeling that the lower rated team has "better play" in rivals anyway.

  • JWNYsg
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    I feel the same too. My special cards are like a placebo
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