Who did the Rui Costa SBC?

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I know he's not meta or particularly great, but he's a favourite player of mine and I want to do the SBC

Just wanna see what the dozen people who did him think


  • nj10
    2868 posts National Call-Up
    Also curious, top player at fiorentina didn’t fare to well at Milan though
  • GTaylor
    1117 posts Professional
    His prime was very very good for me, his moments feels even better. Dribbling is smooth, great passing, great long shots and sexy white boots. He's not meta, but if you have an affinity with him, he is loads of fun to use.
  • Ben
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    I did him...he’s very good. I have a full benfica team .
  • Wolves37
    416 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I've done 3 of the squads, will defo complete him - however unsure whether to use him at CF or a CM. The card looks great to me, I don't skill and rely on passing so it's a no brainer given the price
  • Jdizzle
    3165 posts National Call-Up
    Just try the loan out in friendlies.
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