Squad battle milestone.

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Does anyone know if in forms count as rares? Just because I’m looking to do some milestones for packs I’ve seen that you need to win X amount of games with just a rare side in SBs. I know promo cards don’t count. Just wondering if informs do?


  • Cosmic99
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    No they don't, you have to use just base rares
  • truegunn3r
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    I don’t think they all do count as rare cards. I had a similar problem when doing silver beasts objectives. I was using a squad full of silver star players and most of them have common base cards hence the matches weren’t counting towards the squad battle milestone.

    Beware, some future star players may also have base common cards.
  • Hammer87
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    I thought promo & in forms did count providing their base card was rare? Could be wrong though
  • Orison
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    All promo cards count except for the newest ones until EA adds them to the pool.

    So what if players might not count, but every other promo card does.
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