CTD Random - no errors , only started last week

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FIFA 21 is randomly crashing to desktop , sometimes 3 or 4 games without issues then crash. Only started happening last week and I've checked if anything 3rd part has been installed which might be causing issue but thats not the case

Have reinstalled the game , updated drivers ect - all the usual troubleshooting - changed direct x from 0-1 and vice versa - anyone else having issues that just started recently?


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    I have the exactly same error since months.. EA Support couldnt help :)

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    I noticed by monitoring my GPU temperature that the ingame menus seem to have no frame cap when using adaptive sync. This again lets the card power 100% and heat up beyond a critical point ... off-colour artefacts, chrash to desktop, driver reset or even a full shutdown is the result.

    I have set an upper/lower frame limit in the driver now (Radeon Chill) and altered the fan curve to jump in earlier when heating up. The ingame menus now drastically louden the fan though, but it's no longer crashing. Strange enough, running the game completely windowed (not in exclusive fullscreen) or the matches themselves in 3D as such do not have any problem. For me, it seems to be an exclusive problem for the ingame menus!

    You could as well try running the game set to sync with refresh rate or with fixed 60 Hz, but I prefer to run adaptive sync as it is smoother running >100 fps at a 144 Hz monitor.

    For the records, I run an AMD 5700XT with latest drivers v21.2.3. This happened since some driver release in November last year. I guess it's mainly a driver problem, but ...
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