My 7 chem LW seems to get less than Futbin says he should

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I play Ashley Cole PIM at 7 chem LW (LWB), I do this so I can switch him to LB And moveTOTY Davies (With full 10 chem Deadeye boost) to attacking positions. For 7 chem it requires an English manager boost which I give. The card says 7 chem, I've restarted the game and removed him and the manager from the lineup and added them back just to be safe that it wasn't a bug and its really 7 chem, and it is.

Yet instead of getting the +6 pace you're supposed to get from 7 chem shadow, he gets +5 only. Team chem is at 100. Any explanation? Is Futbin just wrong and 7 chem is not supposed to give 6 pace for Hunter/Catalyst/Shadow?


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    Just look ingame
  • Tesco
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    Futbin correctly displays the in game stats as +5

    You just looked at the +6 on the card stats, which is based off the same algorithm that EA uses, just EA doesn't show the chance to card stats in game, if they did, the card in game would say +6 like futbin, but display the +5 on the in game stats
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