Is it possible to still be a casual player on this game?

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With all the player objectives is it still possible to be a casual player on this game? I’ve still got parts of all the future stars objectives to do plus the new League cards and I haven’t played rivals or weekend league in weeks. How do you find the time to complete all these?


  • ImAtrocious
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    I’d say I’m semi-casual. I haven’t done any of the what-if objectives or any of the other new ones that have come out for leagues. I am done with all but one of the swaps, and have played most weekend leagues. I could never do everything like some, but I feel like the objective cards wouldn’t help my team anyway, which is why those are what I skip.
  • RadioShaq
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    You can be casual and play the game. All the friendlies that have caps let you compete. You won’t be able to get all the cards from playing and trading and compete at the highest level while being casual though.
  • Endlesswar1985
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    No. I have a few friends try to pick this up this year. They played one game and were blown away how complicated it was to score and shot types and whatnot.
    I don’t know what ea do to attack née players but no players are not coming to this game.

    First step get rid of custom tactics.
  • Foxsake
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    Off course that’s t they have the horrible skill based match making
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    I know it’s not the best game but I’m moving on to pes cause this game is no longer playable if you don’t play the way ea wants you to play there’s no point of playing you have the AI play defense and just hit on the counter they really need to bring back manual defense
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