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Duplicates in packs seem to be through the roof this year! Just today, out of 4 player-only packs, I managed to get Digne and Donnarumma twice each as main pulls. The amount of ‘already owned’ I got from 81+ picks was stupid too. Someone mentioned on here once that they reckon every player has a small pool of potential cards they might get, which gets shuffled every few months. I think they’re definitely onto something with that. Let the conspiracy theories begin....


  • PlacidCasual77
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    Also, I only have a small squad of around 80 players, so the amount of copies doesn’t correlate with volume. Law of averages should be way lower!
  • lastfifa
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    From saturday to wendsday i got 10 walkouts... from those ten walkouts 3x Kroos, 2 Wi Yuri, 3x sif Depaul.
  • grabberpresident
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    Got the Chilean Monaco CB inform 4 times from my rewards packs. It's insane. Even discarded him once.
  • ForestGrump70
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    Opened my rewards this morning plus a couple of other packs I had stacked up.
    3x walkouts.
    3x Carvahal.
  • Cubeshawn
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    I’ve opened soooo many packs and I always seem to get the same high level players... I’ve packed neymar 3 times now! All untradeable!! Which is the most annoying thing about it.
  • PlacidCasual77
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    Just had a couple of 5k packs. Nailed a as Kessie in the both.🙄
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