Raphinha and walker vs robben and klaiber

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I've seen some horrible reviews of raphinha, but is he better than robben? With the price of fodder atm I don't want to waste what I have on him so any advice would be much appreciated. More than happy to swap klaiber for walker as he puts wif smalling on 10 chem


  • Toonleew
    3744 posts National Call-Up
    Robben and Klaiber way way better
  • Omar.aljanaby
    1170 posts Professional
    Honestly I just did him. I took the risk. Probably he will not be upgraded. I don't want to have regret about him. If he gets upgraded great if not he will not see my squad lol
  • SupaNoodle1990
    34544 posts National Team Captain
    Robben and Klaiber no contest.
  • Cphilly13
    292 posts Sunday League Hero
    Fair enough thanks guys will give it a miss, just the only part of the team I can change and keep chem so will be on the look out for a new right side, bit bored of robben and klaiber which is why I was thinking of switching it up a bit
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