Seems like it's time to open packs... league sbc's?

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I read the message about people opening 5k gold packs, players are so high that it seems to be worth it and open. As for now my TP is empty (and players too expensive to refill) I was considering to do this.

But since everything is so expensive opening packs is worth it... maybe I should do some of the best sbc's from the league. I looked on futbin (, many seem to have a good return, and as I thought league sbc's sucks this year I nearly didn't do it.

Even if they are untradable, is it worth it to do the ones with the best ROI of these , like Liverpool, Real, Atletico, Bayern, Barcelona etc?


  • unxius
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    I opened Bundesliga, ligue1, prem and la liga league sbc packs together Monday. Do you want to know the outcome .
  • MrMTFC
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    I've had bad luck on it recently, got the 2 packs for 300 friendly wins and only got taa that was above 83 with barely anything over 80
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