PIM Torres below 3.2nmill

11125 posts Has That Special Something
Currently sitting at 4.2 on PS, how long would I need to wait to get him for less than 3.3?

Going to pick Fifa back up and trying to weigh up Drogba/Torres primes vs PIM Torres, currently PIM Torres is a million too much though.


  • Unparalleled
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    most of the decent PIMs will be between 2-3m by the end of the month. You obviously have the big boys that are out of reach of most people.
  • ItsOnlyAli
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    I hope he hits close to 3 mill I want him or Kaka who was fair well priced last year compared to a lot of other icons. Problem is he ain’t even been released yet so might take a while. Torres should drop atleast to 3.5 mill soon, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hype for him
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