FIFA 22 - New Generic Stadiums Needed

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FIFA 22 Generic Stadiums:

EA needs to prioritize making New Generic Stadium for FIFA 22. Almost all of the current generics are from FIFA 13 or older and the just don’t cut it for this new generation of consoles.

Because the generic stadiums are so outdated and significantly less detailed (than the licensed stadiums) there is an obvious drop in visual quality when playing in these stadiums. This drop in visual quality reduces the level of immersion especially when playing a game mode that has a mixture of authentic licensed stadiums and generics. The generic stadiums also do not have the personality that licensed stadiums have and that is to be expected however a lot more can be done to offset that from a design/detail POV.

Adding to the above, high profile clubs such as FC Bayern München and FC Barcelona do not have their authentic licensed stadiums in FIFA 21, therefore, a generic stadium must be used instead.

The problem with using the current generic stadiums for these high profile clubs is that none of stadiums are remotely similar to their real life counterparts and the level of detail is so “generic and sterile” that any realism is lost. These issues don’t just apply to FC Bayern München and FC Barcelona, but too all clubs in game that do not have authentic licensed stadiums.

At the very least clubs like FC Bayern München and FC Barcelona should have generic stadiums that at least can compare in design and detail to the authentic licensed stadiums currently in-game.

From this in FIFA 19:


to this in FIFA 21:


The issues highlighted above are going to become increasingly more apparent as various licensed competitions and leagues are added to future FIFA.

Ultimately the current generic stadiums need to be removed and replaced with options that are more compatible with the amazing authentic stadiums that are currently in game. With the aim of creating smooth transitions between generic and licensed stadiums when playing.

EA please do something new and remove these tired out of date lifeless stadiums for something new and refreshing!



Stadion Europa:



  • Futbol22
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    This post highlights how bad the Stadion Europa really is.

    Lifeless and outdated. Really EA??

  • Futbol22
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    How many years can these generic stadiums stay in the game?

    Most are from PS3/Xbox 360 and we’re now on PS5/XboxSX

  • Futbol22
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    How much longer can EA keep these PS3 & Xbox 360 generation stadiums in game? They look like garbage….

    EA you need new generic stadiums that work with current-gen consoles!
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    I'm hoping to buy fifa 22 but all i want to know is that will fifa 22 have martin tyler and alan smith as the main commentators as derek rae and lee dixon were specifically brought in fifa as the uefa champions league commentators, i really hope ea sports bring martin tyler and alan smith back as fifa 21 did not have them which was disappointing.
  • Corkysquid47
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    There will always be a trade off in stadium quality Vs player animations and ai for performance.

    The only time you see the stadium is when it's loading or you score. There isn't really any need to update them yet until the majority of players are on the new generation of consoles.
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