Anyone tried what if Marcelo ?

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He looks pretty good, and as I have SBC Guimares he would easily fit my team, I was looking for a replacement for my 84 Kounde (which I kinda still like , but most likely won’t be upgraded). He would play next to NIF Varane as I have him untradable and he’s still good .
I play currently in Div 6 so I anyway have better teams that my opps (and I’m obviously not good :) ), but still try to get a decent team .
It means I would have to downgrade Oblak to Courtois , probably not an issue , it even means getting some coins . But my issue is I was quite happy with Navas as an RB, and there is no good option with a L1 or Brazil RB, even if hopefully they will release one . I’ve atal but apart pace he’s probably not good enough in March, Florenzi is decent but not good enough, maybe freeze Golovin is my best option but still worse than Navas .


  • Koning Spijker
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    I would go for him. I'm in doubt for WI Marcelo and SIF Denayer to partner WI Smalling. Marcelo because he looks awesome, Denayer because of the same haircut as Smalling.

    I guess you missed out on Emerson then? Well, De Sciglio looks pretty descent as well. And with all these objectives, Lvl 30 is pretty early to obtain
  • RemyS
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    I don’t have Emerson, and there is no way I can go to lvl 30 (especially as I don’t want to play squad battle only for objectives )
  • oneskyworld
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    I packed him from a saved 5x85 pack.
    Will try him with a shadow of course.

    Also pulled NIF neymar. I guess i have to get a ligue 1 squad now.
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