Servers and Location of Servers

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I did a little experiment yesterday, I was playing FUT trying to finish up the Fofana objectives in the Managerial Masterpiece. The sluggish/delay game play was horrendous most of the day, so around 6:00pm pst, I went to play Pro Clubs. I play with a couple of friends who live in New York City. We had always selected the matchmaking Server for the East Coast, but this time I changed it to West Coast to see if t made any difference.

Boy was I shocked to see how bad it was. I had Red Bars and ping over 200ms for 3 straight games as well as my 2 friends. Mind you, I live very close to Los Angeles, so I changed the server back to East Coast and it was like night & day. I only had a few instances of yellow bars, ping held steady to below 40 and game play was pretty nice, not great but I felt like I could play. After about 10 Pro Clubs games I went back into FUT to see if servers were better and to my surprise they we worse than they were earlier in the day.

So my question is, were are the West Coast servers located and why do I get better gameplay on servers 3,000+ miles away from my home?


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