Jari Litmanen - Prime

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Has anyone used Prime Litmanen and can give some feedback on how he plays please?


  • SweetJesus101
    5220 posts Big Money Move
    unless you are a fan of him , stay away from him
  • NinthFall
    2579 posts National Call-Up
    He was good last year so I'd assume he's good this year as well. Aggressive type of a CAM with a rocket shot.
  • Cosmic99
    633 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I was thinking of putting together an Ajax team

    Mid Kluivert
    Prime Litmanen
    Overmars from icon swaps
    IF Antony
    IF Kudus
    Foundations Gravenbach
    Mid Koeman
    Mid Rijkard
    Klaiber - I missed his SBC so any other suggestions welcome
    Mid Van der Sar

    Should just about be able to afford this team
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