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What kinda records did u all have before it started getting hard.
Im 27-1-1 atm and won the last 17 pretty easy like 5-0 was messing around early on using young players in the utd squad etc. But for the last 10 matches ive been Germany playing 343.
Havent really played anyone great yet, last guy was 17-5, won 5-0.


  • NornIron
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    This is another con from EA ffs, 30 wins in a row 26 of them without conceding until I faced someone from America 190ms i left at 3-2 down couldnt defend at all.
    I had the ping reader on never went lower than 185ms.
    He's division 1 im 4 wasn't even good, his players just moved alot smoother than mine.
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