Freeze Veratti 👍

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edited February 2021
I needed a left winger for swaps so I picked this little guy up for 90k. Hes rediculous lol - whys he so cheap?

I recomend trying him out if you havent already completed Ligue 1 swaps. Hes a lot like messi with crazy acceleration and that ability to knock the ball way out in front of him when going around a defender.

Anyone else find a few gems doing swaps?


  • Tboon
    4689 posts Big Money Move
    I've to agree! I packed him from a partybag and tried him during swaps. I still use him as sub in my main team. He feels so smooth and agile. For 90k he's absolutely worth it.
  • Koning Spijker
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    You just can't go wrong with him.
    As far is I think he's one of the best midfielders for several years now (irl)
    This card is one of the first that's actually good in FIFA.
  • Evilp3te
    183 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    My longest serving player. Would never sell. Love that hardly anyone else uses him.

    387 games and 250 goals all div rivals and fut champs.

    Low centre of gravity and acceleration and feels like he has 5 star weak foot.
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