Anyone use 87 Cucurella @ LB?

Run a Spanish team and might replace Alba with him?


  • JWNYsg
    7006 posts Big Money Move
    I’d keep him at LM. He’s good for me with engine. With shadow I think he can be a good CDM too
  • Uber
    29 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I've played him at cm and lwb, for a free card he's very good at both, my teams worth around 5 mil and he's not a weak link
  • abhreebhu_45
    15142 posts World Class
    Good LM in 3-5-2,,,but with sessegnon coming,,,he's going to kaka sbc
  • Wolves37
    369 posts Sunday League Hero
    I do and so far so good, he is there until a good flashback LB comes out, he will do for now though
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