Early Rage Quitting

I am very far from a skilled player but started playing Rivals last few weeks & am in Division 8.

I just played a couple of games.

Game 1 - Went 3-0 up in 20 mins, and he quit. Not too shocked by that. Oh well, start another game then...

Game 2 - First attack....Dybala down the left side & slides it into the box & Immobile tucks it away. Less than 5 mins gone. He quits!

I kind of get why you might give it up after going 3 down in 20 mins, but after 5 mins? When you haven't even seen how bad i am at defending! I never quit no matter the score or how outclassed i am, so i'm struggling to understand why these people do it 🤷‍♂️


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