Just packed tradeable Neymar-any good investments?

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I've barely had over 100k in most fifas as I tend to run untradeable teams. This year I want to keep hold of my coins a bit more!

Amazingly packed Neymar from squad battle rewards and couldn't believe he goes for 765k!

I was thinking of selling him and buying future stars CDM Reece James and Ruben Dias with the coins in hope they will increase in price when out of packs. Is this a solid plan?

Also, if anyone has other tips on where I should invest my new found wealth, please let me know!


  • LuckyCraig
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    Neymar has been my favourite player on this game by far. Are you sure you don't want to use him? I usually change formation in game to bring him into a striker or cam position on full chem.

    If you don't want him then those sound like reasonable purchases, nothing is certain tho. I packed Mbappe early on and regretted selling him as I didnt know what to do with the coins.
  • WelshXavi
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    Neymar doesn't fit my team but have tried him for a few games and have to say he's one of the best cards I've used. May keep hold of him for a little while. Don't think there are many better players for that price actually!

    I've never had many coins mind so would enjoy trying out some trading!
  • Thuq
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    No idea how your team looks, what kind of players you have etc. But i'll say this, Neymar is deffo worth building around. He's just too good.
  • MakingmeMad
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    I’ll only get rid of my Neymar for another upgraded Neymar.
  • WelshXavi
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    Thanks all. I've kept him and he's absolutely unreal!
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