Opponent going defensive makes your team shape really loose?

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This isn't a new observation, but it seems stupid that in all the patches they haven't fixed what is essentially a glitch whereby if an opponent is sitting on low depth, drop back etc. your midfielders naturally push up and take up attacking positions even if you have at least 1 of them on 'stay back while attacking' which means there's now a large gap behind them, leaving you open to being countered easily.

Obviously the people who do this know this which is why they do it but surely EA should be able to see how easy to abuse this is (obviously they don't care like they don't care about most things but you know what I mean)? It just leads to boring games playing people who sit back with their meta teams defending with the CDMs then letting Varane, Mendy etc. get the autoblock if you get past, then spam a through ball up to Mbappe who fake shot/bridge glitches through your defender and is in on goal.

This isn't a 'they should let me score when I want' moan, more a bit of a rant about the ridiculousness of how custom tactics have stopped the game being enjoyable. There's another thread on here about people being too patient in attack which I sort of agree with as players sometimes overdo it but often you have to be careful because you're playing someone who sits so deep with so many players back and one errant pass could lead to a goalscoring opportunity at your end in seconds.
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