Rooney - cm/cdm or cf/st ?

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Where do you guys get the most out of rooney ?

I could use him as a cdm/cm in a team looking like this.
442 or 3412 ig, all full chem except robben and klaiber on 7.
Mendy varane desailly klaiber
Robben gullit rooney kaka
Butra mbappe

Or i could use him as a st in a team looking like this.
Same formation, all full chem except Gerrard/freeze marquinhos on 7.
Mendy varane desailly klaiber
Kaka gullit Gerrard/freeze marquinhos mbappe
Butra rooney

With second variation i could use 41212 narrow aswell in some games.


  • Jovand1988
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    CM is his best position however he can play all those if needed
  • Toonleew
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    He can play anywhere. Best position is defo CAM with engine
  • rezyy
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    Plays better in midfield with shadow
  • grabberpresident
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    ST for me. Too good to be a midfielder, but depends on the squad.
  • Toonleew
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    ST for me. Too good to be a midfielder, but depends on the squad.

    So think it depends on your play style. My CAms score as many if not more than my strikers anyway.
  • MrMTFC
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    Found him best at st for me. Has a great shot, composure and good dribbling but just feels a bit awkward to use for me. If you have him as a get forward attacking mid to make late runs into the box then he may be great for you, I just find I have to make half a yard for him to shoot and it's not always that easy
  • Dutch3723
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    Probably depends on playstyle but let's be honest - you simply have to do him. I play him CM and he's class, but I know fullwell that if I gain an icon CM or quality sbc comes out a bit further down the line, I'd happil play him CAM / ST to make sure he's in the team
  • Matt_Cornwall
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    I'm still undecided whether to get him. He'd be on the bench now. Might wait for the new season to see what icons there are to see if I could link him
  • yures
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    I played with him this wl in both positions. I feel he gets wasted as cm/cdm, but i had engine on him, maybe he s better there with a shadow ?
    I will use him as a cam or st, his shots are smth else, decent passing.
    I will have to use cheeky keylor Navas in goal due to some adjustments, haven t heard many good things about him.
    Team 4222
    Keylor Navas
    Mendy varane freeze marquinhos klaiber
    Mbappe desailly kaka gullit
    Butra rooney
    Switch ig marquinhos to desailly and kaka to gullit
  • Rainaz
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    I play him CM and it works he also comes up with goals from there.

    It all depends on what strikers you allready have. I have CR7 and Eto as strikers and Kaka as CAM. So rooney suits the CM role best in my squad
  • Prettyfly
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    Does Rooney still work well on 7/8 chem?
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