HL Diego Carlos worth buying over NIF Varane?

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Been using NIF Varane for ages now, and he's been great for me (surprise surprise, I know).

Now that HL Diego Carlos is getting his upgrade, would you say he's worth buying over Varane? Really I've been waiting for a better card than him to come out before I upgrade Varane as he's not that much better in terms of stats, but perhaps I should just buy him.

That being said, he doesn't have a single IF so far, and have read comments such as "How does he have a Headliner? he has been awful this season" etc. So if I were to buy him, I may have to accept the fact that he won't get any further upgrades after the 4 win one he's getting soon, and for 555k on PC I'm not sure if he's worth it.


  • Purplejacket
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  • Vanch
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    Just a straight up NO? :joy:
  • Ma7mooodHD
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    I couldn't get along with Varane. Tried him so many times but i keep selling him. I have untradeable HL Diego Carlos and he's so gooood.
  • Batman442
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    Carlos was better for me than nif varane before the upgrade, can't wait to see how they boost him during this next upgrade. A really good card
  • TwoZebras
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    Varane is broken
  • NucksNation
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    I bought HL Diego as an upgrade for varane and investment.. guess what, he was not close to varane nif.. so I went back to him at 8chem he’s better..
    I will try diego again after upgrade but I know varane IF is coming 😛
  • Purplejacket
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    Vanch wrote: »

    Just a straight up NO? :joy:

    Yes, No
  • Chet
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    TwoZebras wrote: »
    Varane is broken

  • O_Tse_Go
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    High & Stocky, thats the blueprint of a Tank-CB nobody will be able to pass 1on1 - and Diego Carlos has speed too. really happy to have him (untradeable from 80+ player picks, which were dope for me)

    Have you tried his 83 NIF ? You‘ll get a feeling of his bodytype and can decide if you like it.
  • Sandell85
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    Yeah Diego is really good, prefer him over Varane.
  • barryw
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    I'm still using nif Carlos. He's so good.
    HL can only be better
  • Foxsake
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    Varane is Icon level pure broke
  • MrMTFC
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    If you have to buy him, no. If you already have him, worth a try. I have both untradeable and my best cb duo is stones and hl carlos.

    Varane is good yes but I find myself using Carlos more and doing better with him. He's more agile, quicker and the solid trait does make a difference on him. Varane is big and strong with a bigger body frame but he just isn't as good for me.
  • JTID
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    Only if you’re desperate to be different.
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