Free Fifa 21 online training sessions

So having been playing Fifa for a number of years now I thought I would offer some free online training sessions to help others out.

My particular specialities and areas I have mastered:
  • Passing straight to the opposition under no pressure.
  • Platinum mastery in passing directly to N’Golo Kante.
  • Ricochet standing tackles.
  • In two CDM formations getting your CDMs to sit in a 1m x 1m box all game without moving.
  • being constantly offside by extremely small margins. Especially in excellent goal scoring situations.
  • Over hitting and under hitting through balls or passes, again especially in excellent goal scoring situations.
  • Highly competent at the goalkeeper flop save technique. A special technique where the GK flops to the floor on the spot making himself as small as possible.
  • how to Master the 5* skill move of opening your legs and allowing the ball to go through them to the opposition when intercepting passes.
  • Hitting the uprights from 1 yard out.

I am sure there are plenty more Fifa “gold dust” techniques that I can pass on.
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