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I can’t even to begin to comprehend the amount of movies that I’ve watched since the start of lockdown. From the top of my head:

The whole MCU
The Dark Knight trilogy
Deadpool 1/2 + First Class + Logan (the latter being one of my favourite movies ever)
The Imitation Game
Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
Primal Fear
The Wolf of Wall Street (burst my gut laughing)
Molly’s Game (very underrated)
Magnificent 7 remake
True Grit remake
Baby Driver
Die Hard
Black Swan
The Fighter
The Big Short
The Other Guys
The Other Boleyn Girl
Mary, Queen of Scots
The King
Mystic River
Silence (overrated)
Saving Mr. Banks
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
I, Tonya
The Devil All The Time
Wonder Woman ‘84 (not great, not terrible)
Love, Actually (not my thing)
The Iron Lady (crap)
Pulp Fiction (VERY overrated)
Let Him Have It
FFC’s Dracula (surprisingly good)
Birdman (mixed)
A Few Good Men
Rain Man
Mississippi Burning
All The Way
Schindler’s List
A Beautiful Mind

There are probably a few more that I’ve forgotten about. The last one I watched, which I quite enjoyed, was Leon: the Professional. Thoughts on my list? What have you guys been watching lately?
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