I've Been Robbed!!!!



  • Rsscllghn
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    These are always the best threads. We need more of them. I’ve been robbbbed.
    rmoxon wrote: »
    Someone did some heavy drinking last night I see...

    Ah the chuckle brothers. I think if I was going to try and screw EA out of coins I'd aim a little higher than 600k.
  • JimNoShoes
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    Dude, this happened to me last year and my account got rinsed, but I had more like 4/5 million tradable. I went through chat a couple of times to get case opened and they could see all my purchases. In the end a moderator saw my post on forum and the chats team had sent to the wrong team, but they fixed it and the value of my players was refunded to my account. Took about 72hrs and due to price changes I ended up about 500k up! It is worth pursuing as I got my coins back if you have been genuinely scammed,
  • xpulse@xpulse.us
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    Interesting a lot hacks happened in Feb 2021.

    I know how my account got hacked today, not via EA account but via PS4 (Sony) account, as it doesn't have 2FA enable on it, EA does 2FA enabled. FIFA21 not require 2FA if hackers take control of PS account.

    I think this have to be solved on EA side to require 2FA in game if player 1st time run game on new console, not sure why this allow to bypass 2FA and password.
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