Top Ten Issues In Career Mode

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Since I pre-purchased this title (as I do every year) and have now been playing this game for months, I thought I'd try to point out the worst problems with career mode. I've tried to make this as brief as possible.

1. Gameplay: defending/unable to clear ball; overcooked passes; hitting the post when in position, but AI gets scripted scoring that you can do nothing to defend; teams become superhuman when they're behind and need a goal.
2. Training: is such a chore. It needs revision or scrapping altogether. Such a slog to get through, even after getting "A"s and simming.
3. Manager in full kit for games: I mean, STILL?!
4. Players losing points for not playing. Academy promoted and young players in general should not expect to get more than 10-15 appearances in a season realistically, unless they're at a remarkable level. They should not be docked points and have their status downgraded when they don't.
5. "Undefined": still happening in pregame introductions instead of showing the names of players.
6. Position warnings. It should not be a massive leap for a "LM" to play as a "LW", a "CAM" to play as a "CM", or a "ST" to play as a "CF" if needed. I understand that the positioning can be moved around to make it work, but it seems unnecessary. Plus, even if a player is listed as able to play another position (e.g. CB/RB) he will have the exclamation point warning when moved there.
7. Player transfers: unrealistic player transfers across the board. I noticed five Man City players were transferred to Dortmund in my first season!
8. Position switches to a 3-4-3 in introduction screen, no matter which position you're playing. I've seen this mostly in Bundesliga.
9. Press conferences: I know they help the team's morale, but what do they add to the game? Tedious at best.
10. Objectives: I'm managing a Romanian team. Why does my board want me to sign a player from North America? Also, I qualified for the Champion's League and the board is demanding I reach the quarterfinal?! I have Real Madrid, Leipzig, and Atalanta in my group. It's simply unrealistic.

Anyone notice any glaring omissions that I've made here? I expect a few at least.


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    1.We need a way to develop traits for current players. Like Haaland has one trait and there isn’t a way to develop anymore.

    2. We need more historical relevance to build narratives around managers, players and clubs. We need to be able to see any players stats in current seasons and previous seasons.. a category to track awards from season to season.
  • Hello
    I play fifa with a laptop and I want to start a new career but when I restart the game I only get to continue with the old career (bolton)
    How do you reinisalize the career mode on a laptop?
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    I think two of the biggest problems are:

    (1) The way dynamic potential works (and also the way player ratings work). For some players, it is really hard to get good player ratings. As a consequence their potential goes down too heavily. (Similar problems arise with youth players who apparently should be played too much in order for them not to take a potential hit.) On the other hand, strikers who easily get good ratings come to have too high potential. Perhaps the effects should simply be toned down.

    (2) AI fouls and cards. Much more of these, please.
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    Press conferences I feel have a place, problem in these ones is that it's so easy to know what to say and to be honest all you do is increase moral. Might be worth adding bits where you annoy the fans, chair, etc. Real impact at the moment you can pick anything and it has little effect.
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    I had one with board expectations when it wanted 25 wins from home games in that season. I was in the championship and you only have 23 home games a season. Home FA and Carabao ties arnt even guarenteed. Madness
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    I started a new save with Fulham and these were my objectives.

    Financial Objective - Sell 2 players and replace them with crucial first team players and finish the season without any unspent transfer budget (spend all the money) - no need for the long winded wording. This was a low priority, however, fairly ridiculous of the board to say you have to spend all the money.

    Continental - This had a very low priority and no objective as Fulham aren’t in Europe.

    League Objective - Finish mid table. Newly promoted Fulham. The board are demanding that you not only stay up but have to have a comfortable season too. Again, stupid. Reach the round of 16 in the F.A. Cup which is fairly doable but best of all they want a Premier League title within 4 years! Oh and this is a critical objective.

    Brand Exposure - Get 20 wins in the league. They want a minimum of 60 points which would have you finish around the Europa League places. Newly promoted Fulham. Makes no sense. Low priority.

    Youth Objective - Hight priority. Objective... nothing.

    If this doesn’t say lazy, I don’t know what does.
  • Just completed my first season as manager of Tranmere Rovers in league 2 and in November I was on 100 with the board and end of the season I am on 58. Very low youth done, very low brand exposure done, no continental objectives, very low domestic (won the league but failed to get to the round of 16 in the FA Cup) and very low financial (signed 1 crucial player but didn't make an £8.6 million profit).

    Team moral very good as well.

    The board happiness makes no sense.
  • Agree with many of these, definitely multiple issues with board objectives and they’re weighted to heavily on the Manager Rating… Before I bullet point my issues no one has mentioned yet, I do want to say that I disagree about the gameplay problems. Maybe it’s bc I have a PS5 but I honestly think the gameplay is the best it’s been in a decade… I will say however that I always tweak difficulty and slider settings to get as realistic a gameplay as possible, so I suggest you guys do the same if you’re not feelin’ the gameplay - Find the OS Sliders guy who posts new versions of sliders as much as possible for any difficulty from Pro to Legendary, he even does specific sliders for those who play shorter halves (I currently play 8 min halves which is lower than the 10-15 min halves he uses)
    I’ve come to find for myself that Legendary was way too hard compared to last year and needed to fall back to World Class which is working great right now. Also, I play on SLOW game speed, this is honestly a huge thing many people forget about bc Fifa tends to drift too far into fast-paced arcade style gameplay (for FUT players of course) so simply dial down the game speed to slow and it makes all the difference, especially if you’re using good to great teams who are already faster…
    Anyway, final points on the gameplay - if you’re looking for realism and want to experience something where every game can have many outcomes (like real life) and scores can vary greatly in either direction depending on your opponent, then I suggest you check out the dude OS Sliders FAQ Page, I’ll paste the link below.

    Okay, my biggest issues with Manager Mode and Create a Club:
    Some obvious ones that I think are a must have…
    - Third Kit to customize in Create a Club or CaC
    - GK Kit customizable in CaC
    - Separate the ages more between “Very Young” teams and “Veterans” teams
    - Tweak board objectives
    - KEY 1: ADD SPONSORS, WHETHER THEY’re all fake, some are or not, sponsors are a must have for a nice logo on the center of the jersey… we don’t need 100 sponsors, just 20-25, a few real ones mixed with a bunch of cool, creative ones - BE CREATIVE!
    - More customization with generated players and formations
    - ANOTHER IMPORTANT 1 to me: Allow users to swap clubs in and out of any leagues like we can on normal CM, with CaC it would add endless possibilities…

    Now some normal CM issues etc.
    - Not sure how many people notice this yet but it seems like Rangers FC of Scotland disappears from Euro competitions, specifically the UCL. I’ve seen them win the league twice now and didn’t make UCL at all, instead 2nd place Celtic has been in the Qualifying Round playing against 2nd place teams as part of the “LG Path” yet Rangers is nowhere…

    Finally, this just really bothers me although not a huge dealbreaker…
    - For 2 years in a row now EA, you’ve decided to put all 3 Russian clubs (all from Moscow) directly into the UCL Group Stage, which makes very little sense to me and nobody wants to see the same 3 Moscow teams in the UCL every year, especially when Zenit St. Petersburg have won the Russian LG 3 straight years now… so at least drop 2 into the qualifying round and/or Europa LG and just randomly rotate them every season like you do with all the other clubs from the ROW…

    Sorry for the rant, I’d ljust like to see these changes, I’d do it myself if I could… EA, send me the coding software, or Better yet set up a meeting with me (or email) and I’ll give you the solutions to some if these issues.

    Thanks! Enjoy Fifa lol
  • I agree with pretty much everything said here. Some great thoughts & genuine solutions. But I feel like all these things get said every year, and CM just gets worse. The board objectives and rating this year = just awful. None of it makes any sense. It’s depressing that EA don’t fix the simple problems.
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    Everything you said here is right on the mark. All of your points are things I've been thinking about. The only thing I'd add would be something about the financial requirements. Sometimes you get these ridiculous things (end the season with $0 transfer budget) and, if you miss them, your rating starts to drop. After a certain point, there's no way to stop it. I've been in the #2 spot in my league and had a 49 rating because I missed some financial goal that, at the end of the day (given I've risen from the bottom to the top of the table), is irrelevant.

    They need to focus more on how RL managers are rated.
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