IF Walker price

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The card keeps rising in price, almost 1m now, was 600k 3 weeks ago-ish.

Any logical reason why that card keeps going up? I'm not very familiar with the market trends.


  • Siiiii
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    Haven’t used that card but his RB gold version is one of the nicest cards I’ve used. That inform CB version has to be a joke. I rarely come up against him but he’s extremely good and now he has a green link to TOTY Trent and TOTY de bruyne. Plus people have been holding out on spending their coins in anticipation of TOTY and market crashing. Now everyone is buying up teams.
  • Unparalleled
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    So stupid. Just play the Rb on 7 chem. Absolutely no difference.

    Shame I sold mine early for only 200k profit. Would be looking at 400k profit now.
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