Defenders locking off the ball/delaying action issue

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Played WL last night and was having a pretty torrid time in some games with this problem. I know it happens quite a bit anyway but felt it was particularly prevalent last night.

You know how it is - opponent hits a through ball or a skill which you block with your defender but for some reason they don't deal with it even though you already hit pass or clear or whatever so they just run into the ball without doing anything so the opposition striker takes the ball from them and runs clear through. Similarly you'll be in a position to intercept a through ball or pass so press pass to get your attack going the other way but the game won't make you lock onto the ball so your defender goes to contain rather than pass meaning again the opposition goes clear through.

Had a game last night where I was 3-0 up and ended up losing 5-4 to a guy who had 5 shots, all of which came from hitting the bridge with Mbappe where every single time I read it and got the ball but the game didn't let me actually win it or block him off or pass/clear it away so he just kept running into me where my defender did the animation where they do a little lunge as if they've been caught out even though it was obvious there was a player behind them and I instructed him to get rid of the ball. I sat deeper to try and stop him but that didn't work, maybe could've gone the other way and won the ball higher up but still.

My connection seemed a bit worse than normal which may have affected it - noticed there was a slight delay on passing and shooting so had to try and press buttons early to make up for it which was difficult. Anyone else getting this a lot?
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