Tips on scoring

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Just wondering if anyone has any tips to help me get more clinical in front of goal I average around 15-20 shots on goal per game and only manage to score 1-2 no matter what I do. I’ve tried finesse, I’ve tried low driven nothing seems to work


  • MrMTFC
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    Feels like finesse has been nerfed, low driven isn't very effective for me and just smashing it is a bit inaccurate. I generally try finesse if I'm at an angle to the goal or just hit it if I'm facing the goal straight
  • Sengzyy
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    Try to be patient where you can. Watch for any keeper movement, if the keeper comes charging out a ball roll is effective or you can try a chip shot and always try to shoot on your players stronger foot
  • JWNYsg
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    Normal shot. As someone mentioned driven and finesse not as good before
  • Wayno69
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    Just shoot with lots of power at closest post
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