My ideas on how to improve this game - Longer post than was intended.

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Ok this starts as a bit of a rant but I do try and offer up some advice to EA, I know they won’t read this but I’m becoming so disillusioned with the franchise that I’m just going to put this here.

The issues for me.

The game is so one dimensional, one twos or the cut back. Crosses have been nerfed into oblivion, maybe get the odd back post header but it’s rare, long shots don’t work as they usually get an AI block or it comes off the foot weak as anything, skills, let’s face it apart from the rb twice button how many skills actually help us skin a defender, for my level I’d say once a game if i am lucky. So in the end I resort to one twos, fake shot, turn back wait a bit for the aI to do something and grab a goal the odd time.

Goals where you score and then sit back and say wow what a well worked great goal are rare.

So the way I see it is we started with a game which was so fast that all anyone did was long ball and score, then we went somewhere in the middle where realistically it was still about kicking it long and using pace but they had improved the defensive aI so that then it became beneficial to have low possesion and stay in your own half for as long as poss, to now where we have everyone “even that Anders kid” playing drop back, they have nerfed every other aspect of the game to reduce it to this one dimensional bore fest which is basically last years edition.

My ideas for improvement.

I’ll start with the obvious one that everyone moans about, although I still want defensive AI, in every aspect such as positioning, reading of passes Ect but let’s make the actual defending more manual, make us make the tackle, and then make the slower defenders positioning better so that the attackers pace isn’t the only important stat!

*In real life when a defender is playing Jamie Vardy and knows he is much quicker that defender will drop off 5 yards to get a head start, it can’t be hard to code that in surely, if people want to use off side, the tactic is available so I can’t see why an all time great like Franco Baresi can’t have enough AI to say I’ll drop back here, now on the flip side you can leave players like Gomez and varane Ect, standing tight to the attackers as they have the pace to cover, just code in something like if the attackers base pace stat is ten faster than the defenders the defender will drop a few yards 🤷.

What this would also do is give us a real tactical choice on how we want to defend and play, it may mean we some originality in teams defence again.

Make the attackers AI slightly better so that we get more off the ball runs so we can mix up the play and don’t just have to rely on pass and lb, I know you have implemented the flick the right stick move but it’s rubbish, if it’s too complicated for pros to use then it defo won’t translate to the plebs, so just make it so when I have the ball in the middle of the park, my attackers all start to make a run, depending on what tactics you use on them.

So if I have neymar down one wing and Messi on the other, I want to see Neymar making a run down the left right to the line and Messi cutting in off it, then when I decide which option I want to use and make the pass, the other player will stop his run and adjust to my choice. All I mean is If I go for Messi, I don’t want neymar to keep sprinting to an off side position, I want him to look up and think right I’ll cut inside a bit as the play is now down the right side.

bring back crosses and headers, make it worthwhile for us to use a big target centre forward ie kane / lewandoski!! Make the stats key! So if im using a neymar he is more likely to miss the header than a Ramos. The LT strength could be improved a bit, it’s a difficult one this but you have to make the game usable for the bigger pro footballers out there, some of the very best footballers in the world are big units, they should be viable choices.

Skills, ok let’s stop the stringing along of multiple skills or one skill over and over, we don’t want it to be fifa 19, but make it so that a well timed skill move will let us get past a defender (if you implement Manual tackling it will help with this) all too often I do a move which creates space, I take the shot and then the defender has magically spun round and stuck his foot out to block it with in a millisecond, if we make the defender miss his tackle he should not be able to spin and get his body in the way of the shot.

Now you may feel I’m contradicting myself here, however I think you should Stop listening to all the people who are complaining about over powered AI, BUT when you adjust the defensive aI then please adjust the attackers aI too, the problem you have got is you go so far one way you lose all the balance! I want my 90 rated van dijk to attempt to block a shot from ronaldo, I don’t want my 83 rated Gomez to magically spin round and block the shot from no where,

Keepers, is keeper movement here to stay? It takes so many quality chances to score away, corners keeper moves out, right I’ll go short then, free kicks keeper moves over, right I’ll go short then, one on one I best wait to see which way the keepe is going to move before choosing where to shoot, oh damn Iv just been tackled directly from behind, missed my chance and somehow not been given a pen, awesome.

If we are going to help the attackers get more shots off we don’t want to be playing 8-7 scoring games every game so I think we should improve the keepers slightly, slightly being the main point, just make it a bit more balanced, if the far post goal is as OP as it is now then removing keeper movement would be a mistake, but Im sure you can get the balance of this right.

That’s the main point for me, the BALANCE of the game is just not right and if you can tweak it, you may find the winning formula.

I’m sure there’s more, and I’m sure loads of you will disagree, which is the crutch of the issue, they can’t please everyone and at my age I’m fully aware I’m not the target demographic, but rarely do I see anyone offer alternatives or ways for them to maybe improve the over all game.

I’m just sick to death of trying to mix it up, play enjoyable football to find im 2-0 down and having to resort to the classic 442 one twos, im just finding it really boring and it’s becoming really draining, much the same as anyone who has read this all the way through will be feeling no doubt🙈.

**It’s 2am I’m tired and slightly annoyed at my evening entertainment (fifa) so if you read this and feel the need to point out poor spellings, grammar errors or anything similar, just don’t, it just makes you look like a tool.


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    I'm not reading all this, but I respect the grind. Just know they won't implement any of this and it'll be the same ❤️❤️❤️❤️ as every year in Fifa 22
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    The main issue is this

    If you were financing this, would you tell your developers to

    A, stick with what we know sells, Just do a basic re-skin from last year's game, don't spend to much to increase profit.

    B, do a lot of changes and risk alienating a proportion of our younger audience, meaning less sales.

    If you picked B congratulations, although your game is better you have failed business school and tanked your share price.

    I get it, I am desperate for a better game as well, but I understand the harsh reality that too many changes are too risky and just will not happen, like it or not, the vast majority are perfectly happy with this FIFA, they see no need to change it, if anything the majority are annoyed that the skill moves got nerfed, this is where we are now.

    I see no good solution here.

    EA love it that they have made a game that has a 14 year old superstar, he represents the future and it would not surprise me in the least if he was consulted on FIFA 22, his vision will probably be the one we will all be playing for the next few years.

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