Anonymous poll: have you ever purposefully relegated in DR for Friendlies?



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    KhansCats wrote: »
    The only way to improve is playing against better opposition, we are helping out the community, Gaz is just trying to bully people when really he should be thanking us.

    I lost games in World Beaters this weekend 14-1 and 13-0 with both opponents pressing all game and celebrating goals even after I scored an own goal to wave the white flag. I learned nothing new to improve my game play. Was rather pleased that I had made my way up to Div 6, but probably gonna stop playing Friendlies objectives with what I ran into this weekend.
    The advantage of friendlies is that if you get one of them, you can actually afford rubber-banding the whole thing and make the match last 25 minutes while watching something, getting a snack, ..etc.

    Figure out the day (Thursday) when they try to "get easy Rival wins" to get promoted ahead of WL and avoid DR on it.
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