Do we know if TOTY is out of packs on Friday or not?

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I'm asking because I've got 14/ 18 wins for the icon swap weekend league objective and wondering if it's worth grinding 1000 rivals points to try and enter weekend league to get the ultimate packs before toty is out of packs. Doubt I would have time if they are out at 6pm on Friday though!



  • YouKnowMe
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    Defenders will be coming into packs tonight at 6.

    Should mean whole team is hitting packs at 6 on Thursday. Dont know the schedule but expecting them to be in packs until Monday.

    Either way they will not miss the opportunity to bleed the community of money and so they will defo be in passed Friday.
  • joehuk
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    They'll be in while Monday no doubt.

    Can't see them just finishing on Friday 6pm would seem very odd time to finish a promo.

    But who knows with EA this year.
  • WelshXavi
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    Would be great if it was until Monday as means two ultimate packs for me!

    I thought toty was always one week or am I wrong?
  • Stav93
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    Just based on the fact the upgrades have the TOTY skin and are there until Monday, I think everything being in packs Thursday-Monday is a logical guess...
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