West Brom silvers are rarer than Prime R9!

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There are literally no silver West Brom CB, CM, or ST cards being packed.

It’s EA’s way of making sure nobody gets the ultimate pack over and over again, but it is so obviously being withheld as there are 8 x R9 primes on the market; this is the rarest card in the game IMO. Zero West Brom CBs. Zero CMs. Zero strikers.


  • Chavez76
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    ye, that's not really how rarity works...
  • RTG20
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    Chavez76 wrote: »
    ye, that's not really how rarity works...

    Yes it is

    Just the same way it's bots that used to snipe hunter/shadows at 5k (max) so they could relist them for a loss cause of tax? :D:D:D
  • Gainzy
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    Chavez76 wrote: »
    ye, that's not really how rarity works...

    If coins were no object, I could right now purchase 8 prime R9s. I cannot purchase any of the needed silvers for West Brom. Therefore Prime R9 is infinitely more common than Prime R9 mathematically.
  • I bronze pack and pick up a few using that method. However recommend waiting for mass pack opening. I needed 3 to complete this week and did it Thursday morning. Next best time may be SB rewards tonigt
  • Neil_14
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    I didn't even realise, had Ajayi CB for my first Silver team, don't use him anymore. Sold at 18k.

    Didn't think they would be popular with the new league SBC format else investing in these silvers was clearly the way to go, he was 2k.
  • JWNYsg
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    I swear. I thought you all were kidding. Thanks for the tip

  • TheonlywayisS6
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    I've got 2 silver untradeable WBA players sitting in my club. I can't seem to find my prime R9 though.
  • Uppedcart
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    Just looked and I have 3 silvers and a bronze in the club, all extinct. Thanks for the tip
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