If I decide to put 1 mil into hope of TOTY, which one should be made?

So first things first, I'm not opening for 1 mil until full team probably.
But I am still yet to decide, whether I'll try with 1 mil into upgrade sbcs, or I'll just do an SBC.
But I was wondering, what was likely the price of upgrade sbcs that were last year, and which ones are most effective. I will not put 1 mil into only player picks, as I wanna see the animation if I were to do get a TOTY.

But which upgrade sbc's are "best"?


  • Bobo23
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    Depends what TOTY players you want most. The specific league upgrades are the most fun imo, but I've no idea how much they cost from scratch.

    So if and when EA release them, I'll be grinding out the premier league upgrades nonstop! It's just an endless process of rinsing the players back through the SBC, but good fun!
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