The most important position in Fifa 21

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Im interested to know what people think the priorities should be when building a team this year.

In my opinion, in that order:
Midfield. Defense (CB). Attack (ST/CAM). Gk

Except for players like Eusebio/Cruyff/Pele etc. I didnt notice a huge difference on using different players at strikers. Shooting in general got improved this year so you need less chances for a goal unlike in Fifa 20.
Yes- CR7 and Mbappe are good but I also got the same results (Elite 2+) with Rashford and Robben/another player with 5* Skills and decent shooting.

Only Neymar is very unique for me (maybe because he is untradeable lol), his movements are to good.

I think its more important to have "meta" traits like 5* Skills for the attack positions.

Usually I wanted to buy a toty forward but after my last WL Im thinking about to buy 2 Toty midfielders, so im trying to find out which position is the most important this year.
And im also thinking if its worth to pay 5-6 mio for a Mbappe who has already high pace, high shooting, decent strength instead of buying a KDB who has +15 pace/+15 defense


  • BeastlyHusla
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    Don't think it really matters. Most people's defence is the same. So just add anything pacey in midfield and strike and you're sorted.
  • The most important position is the one who has the controller in their hands.

    You can buy any player, having any amount of icons but if your not as good as someone else it doesn't really matter. People seem to forget that this year and cry that the game is broken.
  • fussydutchman
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    For me, CDM.

    Having a Kante or Essien to break up the play and protect your back line is essential. I'm using Prime Essien right now and he is the one card on my team I wouldn't give up.
  • Smudge
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    Had my best results when using a team that was well balanced all over the pitch rather than shoe horning
  • Tylercftla
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    CDM for me.
  • DanishDynamiteUS
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    For me the False 9, it’s integral to my playing style.

    The CDM obviously is important as well, but I’ve made due with “cheap brutes” as well in drafts eg. perfectly fine (Zakaria for example).
  • Pizdus
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    For me CDM- with good defending skills but also nice dribbling and passing to start nice build up
  • CK4795
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    For me i'd say it is CDM
    Having a Kante at the back makes a huge difference
  • I SiR MartY I
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    DMs and CAMs

    Good players in the positions are game changes.
  • Aspas10
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    CAM and CDM.
    CAM : otherwise my ST ends up being isolated.
    CDM: to cover my very advanced fullbacks and to slow down the counter attack, till I get into shape. Also needs to be able to shift a bit
  • YidArmy
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    Can see why we have such defensive games online when the vast majority all rate their CDM as their most important position. To me, your CDM only makes a big difference if your out of possesion regularly and chasing the ball.
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