Input delay OFFLINE

I have had this issue of button delay on FIFA since 19 but i have always attributed it to my PS4 or my TV. Now i have changed both, the TV and now have a PS5 but when playing games offline and online, my buttons still delay. when i give a pass, shoot, tackle or change direction, the player still takes one more step before the command. This is very frustrating because it completely disrupts the game. I have bought FIFA 21 twice just to try it on two different PSN accounts but i face the same issue. Can anyone relate?


  • Gameplay is trash... EA is literally going to do nothing about it...
  • Nahiak
    1 posts Ball Boy
    I have complained about this exact same issue to EA so many times. There are thousands of other people bringing the issue up to EA but they don't do anything to fix it. It is as if EA wants the issue to be there on purpose. Idk why they would ruin the game like this though. It is so frustrating.
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