Getting Ronaldo to head the ball on corners?

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Hi, I will appreciate if someone can solve my problem. I have Ronaldo who is extremely good in corners. However when I bought Larsson, he has replaced Ronaldo, and Ronaldo has moved to back post. Any idea how to move Ronaldo back to the front post.


  • Mrcosmo
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    Haha mine also, i got ramos in the team and ronald is at the 2nd post. Without ramos he heads from front post
  • YidArmy
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    Have you tried using different players taking the corner? That might make Ronaldo go there?

    Or worst case scenario, put Larsson on the corners, then he can't be on the near post.
  • FifaProDK
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    Only way to do it is make larsson take the corners or switch to reciever corner and move him to near post.
  • Zambo9
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    Apply a chem style who up his heading stats
  • Koning Spijker
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    Zambo9 wrote: »
    Apply a chem style who up his heading stats

    Exactly this. Players with Power Header trait are players for the first post. Then there's a look at height, Heading Accuracy and Jumping.
    For example, Ramos is on first post instead of Delort. But SMS is first post instead of Ramos
  • Manually select him, bring him to the edge of the box. Place the corner to the near post and make Ronaldo sprint to meet the ball for a power header

    If you get the timing right it's a guaranteed shot on target
  • FubarRipper
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    thanks guys, will try the stuff suggested above :)
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