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With TOTY around the corner who have been the top three performers for you this FIFA?
Or who have been the most fun to use? normally TOTY is when teams change up with everyone opening tons of packs because of the SBCS addicts we are as we try fit our new shiny card into the team.

For me it is:


This man has just been a joy and far out performs his stats every time I drop him I crumble apart he is just my kind of CAM with high agility balance and great passing with a rocket shot. I would argue it's the best objective card EA have given out for me, given his performances and time i have got to use him before needing to upgrade (which still has not happened)


This guy just makes it fun for me even if I lose 4-1 as long as he scores it has been a success. Eto'o being released was one of the reason I bought FIFA this year and the quest to raise the funds to get his prime or PIM has kept me trading longer than most years, although it still has not stopped me wasting coins on SBCS because I have a problem.


just for the impact he has had on the team and team building since paring him up with RTTF Kounde my defensive shape has been much better and I finally hit G1 in a full WL run the week swaps where released after struggling. The week prior I was G3 after 30 games for the first time ever and wanted to give up on the game.


  • kfcbucket21
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    Neymar, RTTF Promes, and Red Mane (as a sub)
    Quite liked Prime Koeman this WL but was his first one so I feel he doesn't qualify
  • FifaTaco
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    POTM Ansu fati 550 games, 477 goals, 262 assists, need I say anymore.

    Flashback Witsel, again 500+ games and is just a solid all round player, have used him cm, cdm and cam and will somehow find a way to continue using him after TOTY

    Base Maradona, only fairly new to the club with just over 80 games played but I can already tell he’s going to be around for a while, fantastic dribbling and can score from anywhere
  • ConGard
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    For me it’d have to be Dybala first with over 400 games and 550+ goals, then Neymar who I’ve only used for like my last 60/70 games but is just phenomenal. Last one would prob be Alessandrini who has been my go to sub since he came out and has bailed me out numerous times.
  • Finesse_4days
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    R9 because he was insane when I had him for about 3 days, Mid Gullit because he was an absolute joke of a player in the midfield and gold Thiago.
    Gold Thiago because I must have used him for about 200 games as I sold up my expensive players in November because I knew they'd probably tank in value, he is exceptional a game changing player for me compared to all other mids under 100k.

    Skill moves on him are Neymar quality, passing so sublime that Inzaghi dominated in Division 1 with his supply of passes and just fun to use.
  • Färjestad
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    Base Puskas
    RB Talisca
    Inform Paulinho
  • ha032742
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    Mendy, Varane and Gomez...still doing the business all these months later B)
  • Wyojasond
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    POTM Fati- Closing in on 750 goals. Has been in since the start and will stay there til end game 😎

    RB D. Silva- Perfect CAM for any system I run. His left foot is amazing and like Fati will likely be endgame for me.

    RTTF Grimaldo- Had a few options for the third choice and almost put Torres here, but I haven’t had him very long. Grimaldo is super underrated. I actually use him as a cm/CDM in my 3-5-2 and I get so many messages after games about people saying he was broken.
  • M98H
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    91 Eusebio
    SIF CR7
  • ha032742
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    M98H wrote: »
    91 Eusebio
    SIF CR7

    Didn’t you pack CR7 yesterday :trollface:
  • CovLee_Candice
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    90 gullit
    Mid dinho

    Honorable mention to base puskas
  • M98H
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    ha032742 wrote: »
    M98H wrote: »
    91 Eusebio
    SIF CR7

    Didn’t you pack CR7 yesterday :trollface:

    Would have put NIF anyway but thought may aswell add SIF :wink:

    Shoutout Puskas and Eto aswell, both ballers
  • Andy99TradeZ
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    Potm fati
  • Hippyboy6
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    Would have go with my untradeable heroes:

    Eusebio 89, just an all round great player, dribbling is awesome & finishing is superb.

    Mane NIF, packed him early so he's highest scorer & games played, pretty much Eusebio lite

    Adama freeze, superb midfielder, is literally everywhere. Great defending & not out of place getting forward. Definitely the best CM I've used so far
  • Xtrem3 Poptarts
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    Dembele (doesn’t miss)
    Frenkie De Jong
    Mitchell Van Bergen
  • sofyanm
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    Fati, Felix and Aouar
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    Robben, Aouar, Potm Haaland
  • RoosGianni
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    IF Walker
    RTTF Sissoko
  • killer xavi
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    NIF Adama Traore
  • Keano
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    Cantona, Vidic & Keane.

    other mentions to (but why they didn't make it);

    Rio - not always as solid n the lcb role sometimes players are able to glide past him somehow.
    Beckham - Great overall, but Keane does the hard work from midfield in defending & breaking up play
    Best - Great player, just not as clinical as Cantona
    Mbappe - Only used him for one weekend & although he's fantastic to use, he's missed a fair few sitters/one on ones, seems like on the ball he's amazing, just the end product that lacks a little.
  • Sercs
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    Mbappe, he’s so quick but he just suits my play.

    Ronaldo, finishes everything and his movement is second to none

    Neymar, best all rounder so far

    Big shout out to Varane & Mendy, both so so good.
  • Khangaskhan17
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    FB Aguero - Almost 400 goals or assists in roughly 200 games. The man is always onside. His runs and positioning is always on point. The long shooting is lacking but the weak foot feels like a 5* when it comes to finishing.

    Moments Ox - Overpriced- I know, but he’s the perfect RCM for a creative passing 433(5). He’s fast enough to replace the RW cutting inside and can hit the gap between the LB and LCB so much quicker than other CMs.

    Robertson - I’ve only finished elite when he was in the squad. Always come up 1-2 games short when he’s out.
  • Oliver Powell
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    Benzema - 89/90/91/92

    Fati - POTM

    Llorente -82/84
  • FrankFrank
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    1. Neymar
    2. Cr7
    3. Base Rio / IF Renato
  • Thorny
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    Managed to buy during early access for 950k and still don’t regret it even though he’s down 70% 😂 500 games, 490 goals, 380 assists

    Got him as an early untradeable and he’s been immense up top.

    RTTF Kounde
    Dropped out of my team now as I’m looking to build for ToTY, but he was great for a free card.
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    Wish I’d have done Kounde, fits my team now but at the time he wasn’t worth the effort for me. Only objective I regret.
  • RappSnitch
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    Any version of Eto'o
    Freeze Gnabry
    POTM Fati
  • WFCBagnall
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  • Guvnor
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    Joe Gomez

    Let’s gooooooo, best game ever.
  • IanFreeman
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    1. Neymar
    2. Baby R9
    3. Mollet
  • Hammer316
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    Felix has been so reliable for me, he has a real deadly shot and nice dribbling. Varane has made a huge difference to my defence since he joined the team last week. Just always there in the right place and doesn't get the bs bounce backs when I make a good tackle.

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