Sif Tavernier vs showdown klaiber

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Anyone's used any of both? Don t know about doing another sbc, I m trying to save fodder for some icon sbc but we would look imense with +2.


  • Colt_seevers
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    There’s not a huge difference at the minute, klaiber edges it in defence. The big reason to do it is the upgrade/gamble
  • bezo85
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    I’ve got both. I figured I would be annoyed if Klaiber gets the boost and I didn’t do him, and even without a boost he’s probably marginally better (especially defensively). I opted for Prime Koeman in swaps which means he’s got a strong link for any teams I switch to in future. Worth it for the cost. Keep Tavernier anyway as a sub... Klaiber is tall enough to act as an emergency CB in case you get a red card.
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    Tavernier is absolutley head and shoulders above kleiber, he was out of position to much for my liking. I have gone back to Tav now, shame because robben is decent
  • Sengzyy
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    SIF Tav was much more solid for me. Klaiber is still good but I find him tucking into the CB spot too much for my liking
  • oneskyworld
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    I played couple of games with klaiber, just doesn't feel like 90 above speed.
    I do have both of them. SIF tav is so cheap, just keep him for a sub is good. Can work as sub cdm too.
  • Matt_Cornwall
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    Klaiber is really good. Howvever, I didn't notice the SBC finishes about the same time as the match finishes. You could've had the SBC ready then submitted it halfway through the 2nd half if Ajax were winning.

    Also, I thought we'd potentially get Headliners Tavernier as an objective card
  • Nickthegreek20
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    Klaiber with an anchor is a CB that is gonna stay in my team probably til TOTS
  • Gnomenclature
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    Having had 84 tavenier in the squad since he came out and completing klaiber I can say Tavenier is the better fullback.

    Klaiber is slightly better in defense though - if you don't attack with fullbacks then you might like klaiber better. I only run him in my main squad to get robbed on chem.
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